Killer bees. Killer bees that steal your nectar. The original version made use of the then amazing Koala Pad, a touch surface for the Apple computer. If you had one of these you probably still have a bruised fingernail from pressing on the flat black surface.

(original screens from 1985 version, restored 2015)

For better graphics I used what was called page flipping, a method of drawing the shape table data to one invisible memory location then flipping it back so the draw flicker was eliminated, this made for smoother looking graphics that looked more like sprites. So each "frame" would draw behind the other, then the entire screen would flip to it through an opcode call and while on that same frame go back and draw the next position then flip back. Nightmare.

It was very limited in that the spaceship was in a fixed vertical allignment, you could only shoot in one direction.

Here's the reboot-